Hardcore Ender Expansion

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overpoweredMobs | boolean | false

Additional abilities and increased attributes of mobs in the End, useful for modpacks with powerful weapons and armor.

gooBattlesWater | boolean | true

Ender Goo interacts with Water by battling it, this might cause lag from block updates.

enableTempleCaller | boolean | true

Mechanic that allows players to reset the End, may not be desirable on servers.

enableUpdateNotifications | boolean | true

Notifies users about new updates. It does not slow the game down.

enableBuildCheck | boolean | true

It is highly suggested to keep this option enabled. This will detect broken builds with critical errors that can crash your game. These are usually fixed very quickly, but it is important to notify people who downloaded the broken build.

logDebuggingInfo | boolean | false

Only use for debugging, enabling debug logging will have severe impact on game performance!

overrideWorldGen | boolean | false

Prevents other mods from adding worldgen features to the End.

overrideBiomeMobs | boolean | false

Prevents other mods from changing mobs that spawn in the End.

overworldEndermanMultiplier | decimal | 1.0

Multiplies spawn weight of Endermen for each overworld biome.

achievementStartId | integer | 3500

Starting ID of achievements, only change this if there is a conflict.


enableMusic | boolean | true

Custom music playing in the End dimension.

compendiumSmoothText | integer | 0

Special text rendering mode for Ender Compendium, smooths out aliasing in Large GUI scale. Don't edit in the config file.